Environmental Affairs

Environmental Affairs is a vital component of the Engineering Department. The Environmental Affairs Officer, James Conlon, serves largely as an agent to the Conservation Commission. The Environmental Affairs Officer enforces and administers the State Wetlands Protection Act, the Local Wetland Protection By-laws, Groundwater Protection By-laws, Hazardous Material By-law and many other local and state regulations.

Environmental Affairs advises the Town Engineer of regulatory, environmental, and wetland protection matters. Additionally, the Environmental Affairs Officer provides plan review, application review and site inspection services for a vast amount of projects submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Conservation Commission and local authority.

James Conlon has worked for the Town for over 20 years and has much knowledge of the Town. Please contact James if you require any assistance relative to conservation and environmental issues in the Town. Contact James Conlon via email or by phone at 781-341-1300, ext. 9262.

Please refer to the Conservation Commission webpage for more information regarding environmental issues in the Town.