Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

Fill out a Teen Volunteer Application form

Can be obtained via the Main Circulation Desk in the Library or printed from the form below and brought to the Main Circulation Desk on the first floor of the library.

Sign in at the Main Circulation Desk in our Volunteer Book for Logging Hours to keep track of your hours.


This is a great pick for you if you want to attend teen events and write a review for the newsletter! 
  • Earn 1 Hour  : Attend an upcoming program & thoughtfully fill out a survey
  • Earn an additional 15 Minutes : Write a thoughtful review about the program you attended for our Teen Newsletter/Social Media with a picture of activity/craft completed(You don't have to be in the picture) email to teenprograms@stoughton.ocln.org


This is a great pick for you if you love social media or talking about books. We have a variety of social media channels that we utilize to share book recommendations and engage other teens outside the library.
  •  Library Influencers can post about their favorite books, make library or book-themed TikTok videos for social media/SMAC, and more! 
  • Check out our Event Calendar to register for the next meeting. Open to teens ages 12 and up.


For book reviewing, review your book using this form.
  • The book you review MUST be part of the collection in the Teen Section of the Stoughton Public Library OR from the Award Winning Books listed below these guidelines.
  • Please choose a book you have not read before! 
  • If you need help selecting a book, we're happy to give recommendations!
  • You can check the catalog here: Library Catalog 
  • Different readers have different perspectives! 
  • Be honest! If you did not like the book, express that in your review.
  • Someone who has similar reading tastes may see your review and choose a different book to read that they'll enjoy more. 
  • You can submit up to 4 book reviews per year and earn a maximum of 6 hours per book.

Book Awards

Learn more about each award below and read speeches from winners.
View Past Lists (that are currently inactive)


A 'Shelf Manager' for part of the YA collection includes :
  • Watch video about the organization system of materials.
  • Shelf-reading books/materials to make sure they are in the correct order.
  • Line books to be flush with the shelving.


Manage the library's board games
  • Review and organize our board game sets in the Teen Area.
  • Notify staff of missing pieces and helping to repair any boxes.


Help with events and other activities on a first come, first served basis.