Stoughton History

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This website is dedicated to providing historical and genealogical information on Stoughton, Massachusetts. The site will be of interest to Stoughton residents, students researching Stoughton's rich heritage, and genealogists researching their Stoughton ancestors. David Allen Lambert, a lifelong Stoughton resident and town historian, is the webmaster for this superb Stoughton History website. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Stoughton Historical Society and is the author of the book Images of America: Stoughton (Arcadia Publishing‚ 2001).

Page close-up 1Stoughton Historical Documents

This link accesses a unique treasure of historic documents – some going back to the 1600s – originally collected beginning in 1871 by historian D.T.V. Huntoon, and glued, scrapbook-style, into three large volumes. 

To open documents, first click on the jpg file folder then select the document that you want to view.

In a joint effort of the Historical Societies of both Canton and Stoughton (Canton was originally part of Stoughton), the individual items have now been painstakingly separated, preserved, restored, and photographed so that we may access them without compromising their fragile condition.   With Stoughton’s 300th anniversary approaching in 2026, these irreplaceable documents offer a vitally important look into everyday life in colonial Stoughton and form a living monument to Stoughton’s past.

 This project was funded by the Community Preservation Funds of Canton and Stoughton