Obtaining a Business Certificate

"DBA (Doing Business As)" or Business Certificates are completed for the purposes of opening a business bank account and to protect the consumer of a small business. A Business Certificate stays valid for 4 years from the day it is certified by the Town Clerk's Office. It is the responsibility of the business owner to stay on top of renewing their Business Certificates with the town when the expiration dates occur. 
Businesses that are larger chains, do not neccessarily need to file a DBA with the town. Should you have any questions about filing a Business Certificate with the Town of Stoughton, please feel free to contact our staff directly. Please call 781-341-1300 x9215 (Stephanie G. Carrara, Town Clerks), x9103 Kellie Johnson (Assistant Town Clerk), x9215 Samantha Rego (Senior Clerk II).

For small businesses in the Town of Stoughton, please complete the Business Certificate form below.