Arts & Exhibits

The Stoughton Public Library Art Gallery hosts local artists and art groups and showcases their talents with new displays every month. The Gallery is located at the second-floor rear entrance around the main staircase. The Library is very grateful to Town Spa and the Phillips Family for their generous gift to support the new Library through SOLA (Support Our Library Association).

The Stoughton Public Library's Permanent Collection is home to the works of several local artists. The collection is currently in storage. Collections include the works of F. Mortimer Lamb, David Sullivan, Thomas Esten, and Charles Vermoskie. "Nothgots", a large piece of abstract art by Jack Wolfe can be seen on the second-floor front of the Library.

To arrange for an exhibit please email Christine Iacobucci.

Previous Exhibits

January / February 2023 Gallery: Stoughton High School Art Students